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Learn Marathi

Learning Marathi as a second or foreign language is not that easy. Not only because it's still taught in many public and private institutions through the traditional grammar translation method but also because of lack of learning material and innovative methods.  

At the Dept. of German, University of Mumbai, we have developed courses for learning Marathi as a second or foreign language systematically from the beginners to the intermediate and advanced levels. 

For Whom

All Indians and foreigners, wishing to learn an Marathi in a systematic, scientific manner through the integrated communicative approach, form the target group for this project. The material generated is also use full for young learners and children. It would benefit all learners wanting to learn Marathi to acquire active communicative skills in the language for speaking and writing besides reading and understanding from day one. The courses offered would especially benefit learners who are interested in ROI (Return On Investment) of their time and resources in the optimal manner.


about us

 The Department of German, University of Mumbai along with the help of Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha is now offering part time courses in Communicative Marathi. Our aim is to impart quality holistic language proficiency skills in Marathi so that the non native Speakers of Marathi can communicate easily in Marathi language whenever they need to in their day to day life. .


German Department - Learn Marathi  


1st Floor, Room No. 111

Department of German

Ranade Bhavan, Kalina Campus

University of Mumbai,

Santa Cruz (East), Mumbai-400098


         : 9321245493

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